DATA STUDY: Can’t Buy Me Love? The Cost Of A Date Night In The UK And Around The World

They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but a new survey has revealed that, in fact, an average date night in the UK clocks in at £91, with those in London paying the most of all (£123). Globally, however, a date night in the UK is cheaper than the same date in several other major global cities.

  • London is now the 2nd most expensive city in the world to date in – shooting up four places in one year
  • The average cost of a date in the UK 2017 was £65, now in 2018 it’s £91
  • Cities like Brighton, Bristol, York and Belfast have gotten much more expensive for dating
  • The only aspect of a date that is cheaper than the world average is the cost of a bottle of wine
  • The cheapest city in the UK for a date is the same as 2017, Cardiff

The cost of a date night in the UK

A new analysis from premium dating site EliteSingles has delved into the cost of love, revealing that a typical date night in the UK (consisting of a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two cinema tickets, and a 5m taxi ride home) will set you back an average of £91.1

However, some big cities are pricier than others: A date will set you back £98 in Brighton, £95 in Bristol, Belfast and York.

If you’d like to save a few quid, then Cardiff might become your dating destination of choice. An average date night there is only £71. Other wallet-friendly cities include Sunderland (£81), Liverpool (£81), and Newcastle (£82).

Cost of a date in 15 major UK cities

  1.  London: £123
  2.  Brighton: £98
  3.  Bristol: £95
  4.  Belfast: £95
  5.  York: £95
  6.  Manchester: £94
  7.  Edinburgh: £93
  8.  Plymouth: £93
  9.  Birmingham: £90
  10. Glasgow: £90
  11. Leeds: £84
  12. Newcastle: £82
  13. Liverpool: £81
  14. Sunderland: £81
  15. Cardiff: £71