OurPeople is a team communication and engagement platform revolutionising the way management teams within the hospitality sector communicate with their employees. Its technology connects staff in real-time, ensuring the right people are receiving the right communication at the right time.

Primarily working within industries with a high number of deskless workers, the OurPeople platform allows secure and targeted communication to ensure employees are engaged, informed, and have the insight they need to do their jobs safely and properly, while increasing productivity levels at the same time. Each offering is bespoke for your team, whilst being safe, secure, GDPR compliant and fully within company control.

OurPeople bridges the gap to ensure you can get critical, up-to-the minute information to staff who may not have access to standard communication platforms during their daily work.The solution is more than just a messaging app however, it is your secret weapon to cut through the noise and deliver critical communication.

Contact us to find out how OurPeople can help your business streamline the way it connects with the deskless workforce, removing unnecessary chatter and increasing productivity.

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