Deliveroo Launches Restaurant Makeover Competition

DeliverooFood delivery company Deliveroo, has launched a restaurant makeover competition, which will see three independent restaurants receive a £25,000 makeover.

The Restaurant Makeover project launched after its research revealed that 88% of Brits find ambience and service just as important as the food.

After the shortlist of finalists is selected, it will be shared in June on Deliveroo’s social media for customers to vote for their favourite. The three selected winners will receive a restaurant makeover.

Prof Charles Spence of the University of Oxford said: “The importance of creating the ideal multisensory dining environment can not be understated. Whilst the food is extremely important, the eye appeal of the venue, the lighting/sounds and even how close we are to the nearest table affects our food choices and can even impact or enhance the taste of the food. You obviously can’t eat the atmosphere but it really is one of the most important parts of the total dining experience.”

Susana Voces, Deliveroo’s vice president of restaurants added: “These results show that not only do we eat with our eyes but in fact, all our senses need to be treated as well as our taste buds. We work very closely with our restaurant partners and we understand it can be costly trying to remain as profitable as possible.

“This Restaurant Makeovers competition is the latest move from our Restaurant Partnerships team who are focussed on helping Deliveroo’s 80,000 global restaurant partners improve margins through reduced in house operating costs, as well as optimising operations and customer experience.”