Deliveroo Says Employing Couriers Could Add Up To £1 More Per Meal

The boss of takeaway delivery service Deliveroo has said that if workers were employed full time, as opposed to self-employed contractors, it could add up to £1 per delivery to the price.

Deliveroo’s UK and Ireland Managing Director Dan Warne said additional costs including National Insurance contributions, would add an estimated £1 to the cost of each hour.

The food delivery company has come under criticism because it’s delivery riders are not guaranteed the national minimum wage and do not receive holiday pay, or sick entitlement. Speaking to representatives at the House of Commons Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee earlier this month Warne, told the committee that the flexibility of self-employment was ‘very, very popular’ with the company’s 15,000 riders, adding that the vast majority fit stints delivering takeaway meals around other work or studies.