German Company Launches App For Registering Visitor Data In Compliance With Data Protection Laws

The German company Heidler GmbH has developed the app “CoReady” to allow customers to visit restaurants, hairdressing salons and all other companies, which are legally required to take customers’ personal details due to Corona.Visitors can register online and only store the data required by law. The app is free for all guests and customers.

The one-time registration ensures a quick data collection in all participating companies.The data is automatically encrypted and stored in a database in compliance with GDPR. Upon entering the restaurant or shop the issued QR code has to be scanned by the respective guest. Additionally, menus, price lists and the shop’s website can be stored in the app.The fast dis- patch of the data to the health authorities in case of a corona infection is guaranteed.After the minimum

retention period has expired, the data is automatically deleted.

The app offers the following advantages:

– Saving time in service, less effort and full focus on the guests
– Simple logistics through digital accessibility
– Drastic reduction of the bureaucratic effort

– Increase of customer satisfaction

More information and footage here: Contact: Lukas Zobel
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