Cask Marque Trust

The Cask Marque Trust is a non profit making organisation formed to improve the quality of cask ale in pubs by making an award to licensees who can pass an independent assessment. To date over 8000 licensees hold the award. Cask Marque also undertakes cellar inspections and offers training and cellar management.

Pubs that join the scheme are visited unannounced by an independent assessor twice a year. In the first year they are visited twice in the first three months and in subsequent years they are visited once in the summer and once in the winter.

The assessor checks all cask ales on sale for - temperature, appearance, aroma and taste.

If all beers reach the required standard then the pub passes and it receives a plaque, framed certificate and merchandising material to inform its customers of the award and their rights.

Consumers are encouraged to comment independently on the quality of cask ale in the pub to the Cask Marque organisation and further visits are made if required.