Restaurant Supply Store

Restaurant Supply Store

There is a new breed of retailer on the catering scene that differs from the traditional market cornerstones. Restaurant Supply Store has a simple aim: To offer the biggest selection of supplies and equipment to the catering sector, with the best possible availability.

CEO Jon Shepherd has steadily built the business up over the last 7 years to become a firm favourite among restaurants, cafes, bars and everything in between. By acting as a single destination for all their procurement needs, Restaurant Supply Store has proved irresistible to restaurant managers and their chef colleagues. 

It is the diversity of their offering that sets the business apart from all other retailers, alongside their friendly approach to customer service and an ability to react and adapt to the latest market trends. Their dedication to solving customers’ bespoke requirements, sourcing of hard-to-find items and unrestricted access to top brands and their entire ranges, makes Restaurant Supply Store a standout player on the catering scene.

By listening to the needs of customers new and old, who are forever striking a balance between standing-out from the crowd and budget considerations, Jon has successfully positioned Restaurant Supply Store as the go-to procurement website for the catering and hospitality sector.