Following the opening of their new 13,500 sq ft Trafford Park facility, sister companies Chemisphere UK and Beer Piper International are working on a drive to educate the industry on the importance of good cellar hygiene and to dispel the myths that it’s a complicated process.

The two companies have a unique proposition – Chemisphere are specialists in providing the hospitality industry with premium detergents and accessories for ware-washing, beverage dispense system sterilisation and kitchen hygiene, whilst Beer Piper provide advanced beer line cleaning systems. This means that complete bar & cellar solutions are available all under one roof.

Chemisphere developed the world’s first purple beer line cleaner changes colour if the line is dirty, when it remains purple you can be confident that your line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free. This product revolutionised beer line cleaning and continues to do so today with both manual cleans and automated cleans.

As publicans and bar managers struggle to maintain their ever-increasing workload in these difficult times, automated beer line cleaning systems such as Beer Piper have taken the stress out of a little-loved, yet essential, task. The Beer Piper unit is programmed, meaning it does all the hard work for establishments during their opening hours. One of the distinctive features of the Beer Piper system is the Dispense Line Beer function which gives the option of saving much of the valuable beer that until now, was simply poured down the drain every week when doing a manual line clean.

Chemisphere and Beer Piper continue to invest in new equipment and develop a wider range of products. Wilf Worsley, Operations Director at Chemisphere said “our research and development department are hard at work and strive to lead the industry through new product development. We are the home of several pioneering products and we continue our mission to educate the industry on the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards of their dispense equipment and glass hygiene to ensure optimum quality of their dispensed products.”

Both companies now look forward to continuing to execute their growth plans with Chemisphere UK focusing on expanding their product range and Beer Piper International on the launch of their new BP5 beer line cleaning machine which will utilise Chemisphere’s game changing powder-based product.

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