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Don’t Let Cold Winter Days Put A Damper on Business

Many restaurants have outdoor patios and other uncovered dining areas that are nearly unusable when it’s cold outside. Restaurateurs discover a substantial increase in business when they provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals outdoors. Losing that business no longer has to be an option.

Space-Ray has over 60 years of field experience and exposure to a variety of outdoor heating applications, offering a diverse line of radiant gas-fired and electric heating systems for restaurant facilities, fully outdoor or partially covered dining, patios, drive-through and other large open areas.

Radiant heat warms people and objects directly in the same way as the sun. Space-Ray radiant heaters are designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions – many are IP55 weather proof so they remain in top working condition regardless of weather conditions.

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, Space-ray has been serving the UK and European markets since 1964. For more information: Phone: 01473830551, Fax: 01473832055 or E-mail: info@spaceray.co.uk. Space-Ray’s line of outdoor heaters can be found on the web at http://outdoorheating.spaceray.co.uk

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