EcoTensil Launches Plastic-Free Paperboard Utensils Across Europe

EcoTensil announces the European launch of its plas- tic-free single-use cutlery.The range of folding multi- functional paper utensils was developed to replace small plastic spoons in food packaging.The range is available to order through

Addressing the upcoming EU ban on single-use plastics, California-based EcoTensil brings its trusted sustainable paperboard solutions through its

European-based team, and distribution centre in Rotterdam.

The award-winning multi-functional EcoTensil utensils have a more pleasing “mouth-feel” than wooden spoons and forks.The sturdy EcoSpoon® is formed with one simple “bend to touch dotsTM” fold. EcoTensil has designed its current product line for single-serve packaging, foodservice and sampling applications and supplies its utensils formatted ready to fit into existing packaging.

All EcoTensil products are made from materials from well-managed FSC®-certified forests* and use 50-80% less material than plastic, bio-plastic or wood cutlery. .The GreenDot© line is made from a similar material to a coffee cup, but fully compostable, recyclable and contains no plastic.There is no taste, after taste, dissolving of the coating in one’s mouth, or falling apart after a few bites.

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