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Editor’s Viewpoint: Brexit Staycation Boost?

bournemouthBritain is basking in a heatwave, this is the view from Bournemouth pier at 1 o’clock today (July 19)!!!

A walk through Bournemouth town centre, through the gardens and onto the beach shows just how quick we are to take advantage of hot weather. Our sales director David Bartlett could not even find a car park space in the town centre when he came back from appointments!

I am sure every coastal resort will probably be the same. According to reports Britain’s beach resorts and rural hotspots are likely to enjoy a bumper summer as millions more UK tourists elect to holiday at home (Staycation) and overseas tourists are tempted by the favourable exchange rate following a drop in the pound.

This follows the latest figures from VisitEngland which revealed a record-breaking first quarter for the amount spent on overnight domestic holiday trips in England. Visitors spent £1.8 billion from January to March, up 23% on the same period last year.

P1000487The number of domestic overnight holiday trips also set a new record for a first quarter with 7.3 million visits, up 10% compared to the same period in 2015.

Have to say I have never seen Bournemouth as busy midweek. I noticed as I walked around Bournemouth seafront how the tills are ringing, there were queues for ice creams soft drinks, takeaway’s, cafes, bars and restaurants full, amenities and rides had queues, contrast that with the average wet miserable summers day, and I have seen many, and the seafront is completely empty!

Never can tell with the great British weather, but let’s hope this is the beginning of a very long hot and more importantly busy summer.

Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

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