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Editor’s Viewpoint: “Scores on the Doors” – How Does It Rate?

Food-hygiene-ratingI would be very interested in reader comments regarding “Scores on the Doors” hygiene ratings, they were not around when I had my restaurant or worked in the industry generally.

In fact when I look back, the hospitality industry has changed so very much since I was in operations, aside from the scores on the doors hygiene ratings we have seen the smoking ban, 24-hour drinking, the rise of casual dining chains. However, it is a story we have on our website and in our newspaper which is caught my eye. 75% of people make food hygiene number one priority when dining out. Wonder what the other 25% thinking?

Many years ago and I had the misfortune to have food poisoning after eating in a city centre restaurant. It absolutely devastated me, I was ill for days so suffice today it is my overriding priority when I consider eating out.

That is why would be very interested in comments regarding the scores on the doors, the pub hotel and restaurant readers of CLH News are in the frontline dealing with environmental health officers, so we would very much like to know your thoughts, share any issues that you may have encountered, and any suggestions on if the scheme can be implemented better.

In very simple terms, “scores on the doors “hygiene ratings are much like a Tripadvisor review, giving consumers more information to make informed decisions, and much like Tripadvisor they will vote with their feet if they do not like what they see, but an incorrect inspection can devastate a business.

An article which appeared in CLH news last month from food safety consultancy and training services STS revealed that of the 440,000 UK food business is rated by the food standards agency over 93% achieved a rating of three or above. I think such as a high statistic is hugely positive for the industry and I suspect that once the displaying of hygiene certificates becomes mandatory that will increase significantly.

Another issue high on the food agenda is allergies, and according to a survey by the Food Standards Agency and Allergy UK a staggering 25% of people with food allergies suffer a reaction when eating out.

We will incoming issues be running a food hygiene/safety feature as well as an allergen feature, but we will be very interested in any views, questions that you may have, or specific topics you would like to see addressed so please feel free to email us, , any enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Peter Adams
Editor of CLH News






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