Editor’s Viewpoint: The Importance of an Online Presence

Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News
Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News
A very belated happy New Year to you all!

I would just take this opportunity to remind readers of the changes we have made to our distribution this year. We have engaged the services of two distribution database management companies, and have revamped/overhauled our database to extend our reach to even more businesses. Sometimes there are inadvertent casualties, so if you are not receiving a regular copy and wish to continue to do so, please email us at distribution@catererlicensee.com and we will add you back onto the list.

I would also take this opportunity to welcome any new readers that we have, to both our publication and online. We very much hope you will find our publication of use. We pride ourselves on being a vital tool to the independent hospitality sector, providing news, views products and services. If you have any questions relating to the hospitality industry I am sure we can find an industry specialist who can provide advice, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

One thing I did notice when we were revamping our database, and this is simply an observation not a criticism I hasten to add, was the number of businesses in the hospitality industry who simply do not have a website or any online presence at all.

I found with many businesses, no website no Facebook, no Twitter, no Google presence whatsoever. So, how important is a website? Well, almost every traveller and tourist will use the internet to seek out information on the place he or she is visiting. Yes, there is still a good percentage of “old school” use traditional methods and recommendations. However, the first port of call for a good majority of the public is now the internet.

In very simple terms, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a website and online presence. Telling people where you are, what you do, how you look, you can tell them about menus, special occasions, themed nights, take bookings, you can gather data to contact people for up-and-coming birthdays and anniversaries. It is no longer difficult, no longer costly, and can be great fun interacting with people.

So, we very much hope in the coming months to provide advice and guidance on how to get a good internet presence and social media strategy.

I note, following our January issue where our front-page lead with the story of Bath considering introducing a tourist tax, that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is too considering introducing a tourist tax.

As regular readers will know we have been vehemently opposed to this tax, which is yet another burden on an already overtaxed industry. I get very angry when I see people like the Mayor of London and spokespeople in Bath, highlighting examples of other European countries who have a tourist tax, but always failing to mention that these countries have far lower level of VAT in hospitality. Very misleading and very economical with the truth!

Again we hope in coming months to campaign against any introduction of a tourist tax and very much hope you will join us!

Returning to the subject of maintaining an online presence! We are looking to increase our Twitter followers! Please PLEASE!! Follow us at @CLHNews, and we would also urge you to sign up to our newsletter which is very easy. Just click here.

Peter Adams
Editor of CLH News