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Effortless Operations with Trail

Effortless Operations with TrailThe retail and hospitality industries have been left behind by consumer technology. Held back by time consuming processes it’s becoming hard for teams to get their jobs done.

The service industry is facing massive disruption and only the efficient will survive.

Trail serves up a daily list of tasks to guide teams step-by-step, from opening checks and food safety to cashing up. When integrated with ePOS, rotas and other systems, Trail becomes the central operational hub for the entire organisation, helping maintain standards, cut costs and save time. Customers include Leon, Ei Group, Gails and Brewdog

Trail feels like the apps you use everyday and works on any device from mobile and tablet to desktop computers. Schedule and distribute tasks for teams to follow, automatically triggering the right information for the right people. Then focus attention where it’s needed most with notifications and trend reports to help you monitor activity across sites.

It’s intuitive with no need for training. Large organisations stay lean while small businesses can scale. Teams stay on track while allowing people just to get their jobs done more easily. Easier for individuals and better for business, operations become effortless for everyone.

For further information, visit www.trailapp.com

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