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Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd

Temperature control is critical to ensuring a high quality and safe product is delivered to the consumer’s plate. This is enabled by the constant harvesting and monitoring of data through wireless data loggers. These are IoT-enabled devices which can provide catering facilities with the information they need to act immediately should any unforeseen issues arise when it comes to food temperatures.

They transmit data via the cloud which is stored locally on PCs and other devices.

The data is passed through a Wi-Fi router to a computer, regardless of where the user is based. It stays locally on a hard drive so the user can access real, live temperature monitoring data wherever they are. This ensures checks are completed correctly, issues are identified, and corrective actions are taken to reduce spoilage.

Wireless data loggers are ideally suited to applications where there are challenges in collecting real-time and recorded data, making them ideal tools for the likes of large retailers and catering enterprises which rely on industrial refrigeration units.

Overfilling refrigerators and cool rooms with produce reduces the air flow and leads to hot spots, where bacteria can flourish even if you think you have the right temperature set on the dial. To combat this, caterers should keep an inventory of how much their stock needs to be refrigerated and use this technology to back temperature recordings every few hours so that it never goes above critical limits.

Companies that can invest in the speed of their operation will reap rewards in a climate which is seeing growing costs to employ people.

Technology allows organisations to react faster to situations because of instant access to accurate data.