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Elevating Food Safety with Innovative Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Logicall is revolutionizing temperature monitoring with their advanced LoRaWAN technology, ensuring precision, longevity, and convenience. Their state-of-the-art temperature probes are designed for cold storage units, offering real-time insights, extended battery life, and versatile monitoring capabilities.

Equipped with LoRaWAN technology, Logicall’s temperature probes capture readings every 5 minutes, allowing for continuous monitoring of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms. With a remarkable battery life of 6-8 years, these probes provide long-lasting performance, reducing replacements and maximizing cost savings.

Logicall’s temperature probes are versatile and adaptable to diverse monitoring needs. The probes feature an external probe for measuring core simulant temperatures, providing accurate insights into both air and core temperature conditions. This innovative feature ensures precise monitoring of food products, leaving no room for compromise.

For food-specific temperature checks, Logicall offers their Bluetooth food probe. This portable and user-friendly device enables quick and easy temperature measurements during the cooking process. Simply insert the probe into the food product, and the temperature data is instantly relayed to a tablet or compatible device. This seamless integration of Bluetooth technology streamlines food temperature monitoring, making it faster, more efficient, and enjoyable.

Monitoring temperature is only part of the equation. Logicall’s system offers a range of alert options to address temperature breaches promptly. Instant alerts through text messages, emails, or audible wall-mounted alarms ensure swift action to prevent food spoilage. This proactive approach saves stock, reduces waste, and upholds food safety standards with confidence.

With Logicall’s solutions, reliable wireless communication is made possible through LoRaWAN technology.

Effortlessly monitor temperature conditions in diverse locations, from expansive storage facilities to distant distribution centers. This extended range capability ensures comprehensive temperature monitoring across your entire operation.

In conclusion, Logicall’s innovative temperature monitoring solutions bring precision, convenience, and efficiency to the food safety industry. LoRaWAN temperature probes provide real-time insights, extended battery life, and versatile monitoring capabilities. The Bluetooth food probe simplifies food-specific temperature checks, making them faster and more efficient. With instant alerts and reliable wireless communication, businesses can confidently safeguard their products, minimize waste, and uphold food safety standards. Let Logicall be your partner in achieving excellence in temperature monitoring and taking your food safety practices to new heights.

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