How often do you find yourself needing to update your POS, ticketing or booking systems to keep up with what customers want?

Adapting to the pandemic-enforced restrictions put in place for venues and hospitality settings only added to the on-demand nature of distributed ordering and payment capabilities.

Connecting these ever-adapting external systems with your back-end finance software shouldn’t be a factor holding you back.

It can be achieved seamlessly with Xledger’s advanced cloud-based finance software that allows for effortless custom integrations with external systems. It helps over 10,000 organisations in 60 countries streamline, digitise and automate their finances.

With Xledger, you’re always in control, whether that’s comparing actuals against budget, forecasting year-end or drilling-down to source transactions for a 360° overview at the press of a button. With no requirement for new IT infrastructure, you can grow your business without interruption.

As a cloud software with an open API, Xledger can integrate with any other system to empower your organisation with one version of the truth. It automates financial tasks by up to 75% allowing you to spend less time processing transactions and more time analysing the result of them. From automated workflows to recurring billing, Xledger allows you to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Automated, configurable reports and real-time dashboards allow you to slice and dice data from every angle.

Ultimately, the 100% cloud solution helps you to reduce costs, run a leaner, more efficient finance function and understand key financials in real-time. This gives you the opportunity to add real value to your organisation and frees up your time so you can focus on tasks that grow the business.

If you would like to find out more about Xledger or to book a demo you can contact them by emailing or call 0117 457 3293.