False Teeth, A Jack Russell, Sex Toys And A Stuffed Otter Lost Beneath The Young’s Christmas Party Tree

falseAs the 2016 party season approaches, Young’s has revealed its catalogue of lost property, party paraphernalia and forgotten Secret Santa presents. While the list features many of the everyday essentials we can’t live without – phones, house keys, train tickets and bank cards – some of the more unusual finds have amazed staff and raised a few eyebrows at the same time.
Among other leftovers found by pub staff were novelty Christmas underwear, a brand new man’s suit, a police officer’s CID badge, a child’s pram, full bottles of champagne and a designer gold watch. Staff at The White Horse, in the City of London, discovered a watch and bag worth £1,000 after a party last year, both were reunited with their owners; at The Double Locks in Exeter, Devon, staff returned a set of misplaced false teeth to a grateful owner who faced a miserable Christmas without them.

At the Hollywood Arms in Chelsea, a slightly forgetful regular bought his elderly Jack Russell dog to the pub for a party and forgot to take it home at the end of the night. Giovanni Pilla, pub manager at the Hollywood Arms, said: “We see this dog in the pub fairly often, he’s always by his owner’s side. While the owner was indulging in one or two festive tipples, Benson found a spot under the booths and fell asleep and only reappeared when staff were cleaning – he was given a bed for the night and reunited with his owner the next day.”

Emma Dickinson, Events Manager for Young’s, said: “It’s truly remarkable to read the list of lost items from last year’s Christmas parties, particularly those items that are valuable, sentimental or just simply bizarre. With this year’s Christmas party bookings looking stronger than ever, I have no doubt we will see even more of the quirky and peculiar.”


Lost property found at Young’s Pubs and Geronimo Inns

  1. A policeman’s CID badge
  2. A single leather brogue shoe
  3. A large sex toy
  4. A brand new bag of LEGO
  5. Gift-wrapped Victoria’s Secret underwear
  6. A set of false teeth
  7. A prosthetic leg
  8. An £8,000 professional camera
  9. A new men’s suit
  10. A pair of fluffy pink handcuffs
  11. A signed copy of Paul Daniel’s autobiography
  12. A stuffed otter
  13. A child’s pram
  14. Christmas-themed underwear
  15. A pink diamante computer mouse
  16. A dog
  17. Christmas jumpers
  18. A singing turkey hat
  19. A Mulberry handbag
  20. A flamingo-shaped beer funnel