Potatoes may be a seasonal harvest, but demand is year round. We balance seasonality with demand to ensure high quality crops are used at their best.

At Farm Frites we harvest multiple varieties across two seasons with processes that ensure that the quality outcome is the same whichever variety we use.

Sustainability starts with us. There is a great responsibility with food manufacture and we are aware of our impact on the environment. Growing, manufacture and supply is the beginning of the chain, and it is important to us that we are setting the right intentions to minimise the impact.

Potato products go a long way to satisfying need for customisation, consumers expect to be able to customise for taste or to suit an allergy requirement.

Loaded fries allows from healthy to indulgence offers for flexitarian diets and allow an operator to respond to trends in a cost-effective way – everything works with chips from plant-based, classic sauces & cheeses to world flavours and spices.

Our potatoes are grown and farmed at sites near our factory HQ and then prepared and frozen quickly allowing for essential nutrients to be retained in the product – freezing in itself is a preservative.

The Quick Oven Fries range is ideal for food outlets who need to serve great tasting fries but can’t use deep-fryers due to location operation or regulation. These fries can be oven cooked in a conventional, trade oven from frozen in just four minutes Fast cooking times mean these fries allows operators to cook five times more portions in 20 minutes than other oven fries.

Our Ultimate Chip goes beyond triple cooked and is based on a ten-step process – the texture of Ultimate Chip is second to none. A full chip that is effectively a roast potato in terms of its inner fluffiness and external crisp. The imperfect lengths in each serving will offer an authentic product with more of a focus on texture, crispiness and taste – the ideal premium side dish.

For more information call us on 01452 415845, or visit www.farmfrites.co.uk