Far-UV is a new and innovative light technology that kills all viruses, bacteria and moulds in seconds, including Coronavirus.

Far-UV actively decontaminates occupied areas while people are present and going about their day, reducing the ongoing viral load. The technology protects against future variants, deactivating all viruses and bacteria.

The Far-UVC 222nm wavelength is harmless to humans, but lethal to bacteria and viruses.

FAR-UV comes as a safe alternative to other wavelengths of UV light, as it has now been proven that it can be used in indoor, occupied spaces safely, with no damage to human skin or eyes. Far-UV solutions are proven to be lethal to bacteria and viruses within seconds of the lamp activation.

The technology is by far the most advanced pandemic management technology on the market, and is beginning to be used on a global scale as standard. Far-UVC provides the equivalent of three thousand air changes an hour and is far more effective than air filtration devices and fogging.

Our products have now been used by a well-known UK coffee chain, dental practices, retail stores, and across various healthcare environments. Wherever there is demand for a bacteria and pathogen free environments Far-UVC is the most effective solution.

Rebecca Elliot, Marketing Manager of Scoffs Group said: “One of the great features of this technology is that after it’s installed, unlike other covid related precautions such as mask wearing and sanitisation, there’s no further action required. It’s just discreetly doing it’s job.”

Systems are quickly deployable, and are installed as light fittings or as portable devices such as a hand held Wand (light saver) or walk through gateway.

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