, Finding a Green Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Single use plastic has been in the news a lot lately as countries get ready to regulate its use and consumers become more aware of the damage it’s doing to the environment.  In the catering trade plastic wrap is used frequently but did you know that it generally can’t be recycled?

But what if our grandmothers already had the answer for how we can replace cling film safely and cost effectively?  Beeswax wraps, which have been around for centuries, are made from fabric soaked in a mixture of wax and other oils to create flexible, antibacterial, reusable food wraps that can be rinsed and used again and again.  So while the initial outlay may be greater than cling film they will save you money over time.

While many brands of wax wraps can only be reused for 6 months or a year, SuperBee Wax Wraps, can be used for up to 2 years, making them an extremely cost effective, environmentally friendly purchase. They meet international food safety regulations and are suitable for use in commercial kitchens.

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