We’ve all been there. Queuing at the bar for up to 30 minutes as the bartender uses their mixology skills to make a huge order of complex cocktails from scratch.

You don’t want this for your thirsty customers.

With an Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine, you can forget never ending queues. It takes upto 1 minute per cocktail! To make them, you add alcohol, neutral slush then flavoured syrup to the cup. All in under 1 minute. It’s really that simple.

The possibilities are endless. There’s no ‘order 2 of the same cocktail’ catch in a 2-4-1 deal because of the slow process. Your customers can order lots of cocktails in one round without holding up the queue.

Your whole menu can be made with just one Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine thanks to the neutral base syrup in the bowls. Our extensive range of syrups cater to everyone’s tastes, from fruity flavours like strawberry, to sweet flavours like pink lemonade and sour like sour cherry.

Not only are you serving a lot quicker, these fun drinks will have them coming back for more. Once they’ve tried one of your frozen cocktails, they’ll be returning again and again to try the whole menu. Plus, you can sell frozen cocktails for a significant markup so profiting from each cup is inevitable!

We’ve put together a CLH readers promotion; a package worth 2,000 drinks for FREE! Within this, you get high-quality Absolute Slush/Cocktail Syrups (choose from the standard package or opt for whatever flavours you’d like), glassware and P.O.S material, including menus and an A board to promote your fantastic drinks. With this package you can earn profits of £10,400 as your only cost is the alcohol, based on 1 x 25ml shot per cup.

After this Lease or purchase an Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine from us at Absolute Drinks. We supply and install the equipment, provide service throughout and sell stock and supplies!

Get in touch for a free quote or appointment with a rep – 01942 607 634, sales@absolutedrinks.net