Fly the Flag this June to Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Urges Chevler

Chevler, the UK’s leading manufacturer of baking cases and a major player in the bespoke printed greaseproof sheet market, is urging bakers, coffee shops, retailers, and foodservice operators not to miss out on the opportunities offered by what it is describing as a truly momentous event and unprecedented anniversary – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

“As the country is now rapidly coming out covid of restrictions and with the four-day bank holiday in early June in order to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70th year on the throne approaching we hope that bakers, cake makers, coffee shop owners and retailers will get into the spirit of the event and seize the opportunities the four- day bank holiday offers,” explained Chevler’s director of sales and marketing Garry Parker.

“That’s why we have we have been forced by popular demand to reintroduce two of our specially designed baking cases which feature the Union flag.This means it is not too late for cupcake makers to take advantage of the growing excitement and build on the red, white and blue theme I know many are planning.”

The cases are available in the ever-popular 51mm x 38mm size and in quantities as low as 360 giving every business, whatever its size, the chance to participate.

Chevler is unique in that its printing and converting is carried out in-house.“We do not rely on stock shipped from abroad or depend on outside printers or converters, explained Mr. Parker. “This means it is a truly British manufactured product.And we only use water-based, odour-less food safe inks.We have responded to our customers’ requests in order that they can be as innovative as they like this summer and take full advantage of the opportunities the snack cake market will offer.”

To also help tap into the excitement the company is offering a food-safe, printed natural greaseproof sheet featuring the Union flag marketed under the company’s Gourmet Food Wrap brand.

The 255mm x 406mm sheet with its rich luxurious feel has numerous potential uses and applications in the retailing, presentation and serving of both cold and, because of its excellent thermal properties, hot food.

These range from a simple sandwich, panini or burger wrap to, a liner for wire baskets and stainless-steel buckets, a place mat, or it can be simply put on a wooden board or slate on which sizzling or cold food can be placed.

Mr Parker stressed:“It is very important to remember that we print on natural greaseproof paper which does not have any chemical treatments or coatings. It acquires its greaseproof properties during the pulping process. Its fibres become so tightly entwined that the spaces between them are smaller than a grease molecule. It is therefore recyclable and a sustainable option for your business.”

They are available in individual packs of 500 sheets within boxes of 2000.

For further information visit or call 01844 344231.