Food Allergens “Most Pressing Concern” Among Operators

A quarter of foodservice and hospitality operators think that allergens are the most pressing and concerning issue in the supply chain, according to Trade Interchange’s new white paper.

‘On High Alert: Allergens in the Foodservice and Hospitality Supply Chain’ was conducted by 3Gem on behalf of Trade Interchange and surveyed 225 people who have responsibility for managing food and drink suppliers in large businesses nationwide.

The paper explores key areas, including:

  • The current state of allergen compliance within the supply chain
  • The challenges businesses face when it comes to collecting and maintaining allergen information from suppliers
  • Allergen awareness in the beverage and alcohol sector
  • The importance of access to data and how software can help

Mike Edmunds, co-founder and managing director at Trade Interchange, said: “The findings in this paper highlight the importance of supply chain transparency, specifically when it comes to allergen compliance, and how software can make this a standardised process which is clear and simple.

“The fact that ARCUS® SIM supports both procurement and technical departments provides users with a less siloed approach to managing and maintaining this information, and is set to revolutionise the way teams manage supplier information that is relevant to their roles.”

In 2016 a restaurant owner was convicted of manslaughter after a customer died from an allergic reaction to a curry. Mohammed Zaman owner of Indian Garden restaurant used cheaper groundnut mix which contained peanuts rather than almond powder as a way of cutting costs.

However, he failed to notify customers and Paul Wilson, 38, who suffered from a severe peanut allergy died of an anaphylactic reaction after eating a takeaway from Zaman’s restaurant.

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