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Food Allergy Software, Menu and App for Restaurants

Many of us now limit the types of food we eat, for some it’s simply because it will kill them, for others, it’s for health or moral reasons. However, it’s become a complex task to eat out these days, ensuring the food you have ordered is what you can eat.

Some restaurants provide different menus, but simply don’t cater for the complexity, such as they may provide a gluten free menu, but not a gluten free & dairy free menu combined. Some restaurants provide complex matrixes, but nothing which is user friendly or easy to understand and the majority provide nothing at all, and rely on front of house staff communicating correctly the information, which is very prone to mistakes.

Our simple but affective app provides the chef the ability to keep a live updated menu with allergy information held within it. Customers simply login to the app and view the menu filtered to only show those dishes that are safe for them to eat.

This app significantly reduces the risk of incorrect communication between customers & staff, especially when mistakes can be so easily made, and these mistakes can cost lives.

Up to “20% of the population experience some reactions to foods” (The British Dietetic Association) so it’s no longer a minority issue, eating out should always be enjoyable ii should also always be safe.

How it Works for the customer

You can either find the restaurant’s menu by their unique allergy menu code on their menu or website, or you can find restaurants in your location on a map.
It’s then very simply to filter the menu by the list of standard allergens, or click the vegan or vegetarian option. The menu then displays showing only the items that you can eat, making a simple and easy to understand menu.

How it Works for the restaurant

There is an easy account area, where the menu and dish information can be maintained via computer or mobile phone. The allergies are assigned to each dish and it can be updated whenever it’s needed. An email is also sent out once a month to ensure the allergy information is checked and the menu confirmed that it is still up to date. The company logo can also be uploaded to ensure the menu follows the restaurants brand.

Key Benefits to Restaurants

• Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step.
• Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date.
• Improve your customer experience for allergy sufferers, vegans and veggies.
• No need to re-print menus if you change ingredients.
• Handy email reminders to check your menu.
• Stop front of house staff making mistakes
• Keep your customers safe from harm.

How it will make a difference

It’s so hard to ensure accurate communication between customer and the person preparing the food and Allergy Menu helps to reduce this risk. When failures happen in the communication, it cause have serious side effects for the customer and can even kill them. Taking steps to reduce this risk is essential to all food establishments.

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