Sarunds are a distributor of world-class chocolate & confectionery, supplying the independent retail & food service sectors in the UK.

We’re the largest supplier of top-quality chocolates and confectionery to the UK’s independent retail and food service sectors.We’re known for our large inventory of products from big brands and small artisan producers that offer great quality versus price.We’re also known for our customer service. Please explore this site if you’re a retailer (or prospective retailer) who is looking for the best supplier of quality chocolate and confectionery – both loose and prepacked.

We run a responsible business that’s committed to protecting the environment.We do that by continually monitoring the way our goods are packaged and by reducing the non-recyclable elements wherever possible, for minimal environmental impact.

We are proud to stock one of the largest ranges of Fairtrade confectionery and chocolate in the UK.We not only encourage our existing sup- pliers to become Fair Trade accredited, but we seek this certification when looking for new suppliers.

Healthy living is important and we understand that.That’s why Sarunds provides a growing range of Sugar-Free and No-Added-Sugar products. Great tasting confectionery to complement a healthy lifestyle.

With a strong increase in the number of people opting for a vegan or a vegetarian lifestyle over the past few years, we have created an enormous selection to suit this market.

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