Foodservice Operators Have Raised #1millionlaughs For Red Nose Day 2017

PG Tips, Monkey, and thousands of foodservice operators across the UK have raised #1millionlaughs and £50k for Red Nose Day 2017 – part of a grand total of £73m.

PG Tips’ Monkey said: “We did it chums! Well, mostly me. But you all definitely helped. So from the foodservice celebri-teas who told us their jokes to the care homes, workplaces and hospitals who invited me to their chari-tea fundraising events – I say thank you.”

Foodservice celebri-teas

To kick off the campaign, Monkey asked some famous foodservice faces to tell their favourite jokes. And with chuckles from the likes of chef and restaurateur Mark Sargeant and Brakes CEO Ton Christiaanse – it’s no wonder the videos racked up more than 200,000 views online.

Monkey on Tour

And to help foodservice operators raise funds for Red Nose Day 2017 – Monkey went on tour around the UK, snapping selfies with more than 20 workplaces, hospitals and care homes.

Chatting with Monkey                                                   

And because he’s still down with the kids, Monkey made a splash on social too – chatting to almost half a million people on Facebook messenger. 

Getting hands on Monkey

And because everyone needs a bit of Monkey in their life – PG Tips also sent out more than 1,500 dashing limited edition Monkeys to operators.

Through donations and fundraising efforts, PG Tips and its customers raised £50k for Red Nose Day 2017 as part of the #1millionlaughs campaign. In total, Unilever donated over £300,000 to Red Nose Day 2017.