As we head into the autumn, with longer nights and cooler temperatures, the cosy draw of twinkling candle light becomes ever more important.
I believe that candles have always been a crucial element of the ambience of your bar or restaurant, and now it’s more essential than ever.

But you don’t want to be dragged down into the grimness of cleaning wax off everything, high costs and wasted time.

Oil candles will give you the perfect real flame candlelight that you want and need, without any of the headaches of regular wax candles, and none of the cheap look of a tea light.

Clearcraft’s 30 years of experience is on hand to help you choose the perfect oil candle and we will send you a FREE oil candle to try out.

Just visit and click on the Request a Sample Tab. The only details you will need to give is your delivery details and your e-mail address and there is no obligation to buy, whatsoever. But we are certain you will love your free candle and want to make the change from the nightmare of wax, to the joy of oil!

Prices start from just £2.99 so you wont have to break the bank either!
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