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Have you tapped into your sometimes over looked profit maker…..COFFEE…Yep you read that correctly and with costs to produce a cup of coffee starting from as little as 27p per cup per cup depending on your choice of coffee and equipment, from pods to give you a consistent top class drink every time without the need to train staff to barista standard or to beans freshly ground to the desired strength making the humble cup of coffee a winner as far as profit goes.

Sold as a rich Espresso ,whipped into a delicious frothy cappuccino, latte or a velvety smooth irish coffee. A great Coffee menu is winner with your customers every time, enhances your customer satisfaction , gives the opportunity to create custom for different times of the day for instance a good coffee menu lends itself to cake and coffee mornings and retails anywhere between £1.75 to £3.50 per cup. The opportunity from expanding your coffee menu is endless.

Forward Vending and Catering Limited have over 50 years experience in helping pubs and restaurants create a system just right for each site and are ready to help you find the best coffee solution for you so start your profits coming in NOW!!!

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