Established in 1987, Kenburn Waste Management Ltd. have been helping all types of businesses save money on waste collection and assisting ‘on site’ waste processing.

Kenburn have supplied a superior range of new and refurbished waste handling equipment to manufacturers, retailers, food & drink producers, packaging companies, hotels, restaurants, bars and any business where waste is produced. We can also take care of repairs, servicing and operator training, even on your existing equipment.

The importance of keeping on top of your business waste is becoming even more vital. As the cost of waste collections and processing increases year on year, our range of balers and compactors will enable these costs to be minimized, it will also ensure your company complies to environmental and waste management regulations, promoting your ‘Green Credentials’ to existing and potential customers.

Whatever your waste stream, Kenburn will offer to arrange a free of charge waste audit that will give you a better idea of how much you could save by reducing the size of your landfill waste and collection costs.

For more information or to arrange a free audit or site visit by one of our experienced consultants, visit or email: or call 01727 844988.