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Free on Loan from Verde Coffee

Are you looking for a coffee machine and coffee bean supplier who can help you provide the best coffee around while also help maximise your profits?

Here at Verde Coffee we offer our customers exquisite machines, carefully serviced and inspected by our in-house engineering team, and all the additional equipment required to help you set up your coffee service!

With every Free on Loan offer our trained engineers will provide full training on the machine and equipment as well as show you and your staff how to get the best out of our coffee beans through a selection of best-selling hot beverages.

From £215 per month you can get a 2 group machine, a grinder, essential equipment, 4kg of coffee beans and free goodies to help you get started. All Free on Loan packages come with free installation, a dedicated customer service line direct to our representatives, engineer call-out support, the option to purchase further consumables and a 30-day notice period with no cancellation fee. We have a selection of coffee blends to choose from so you can decide which would benefit you and your customers. If a decaf blend is required we have different options to help, just have a chat with our team.

Your monthly delivery of 4kg of coffee beans will make about 450 coffees which at an average of £3 per cup will bring in £1350 per month. Any additional coffee you order is discounted bringing in an even higher profit margin! (around £2250 per case) Considering all of your equipment and maintenance costs are covered in your monthly payment the Free on Loan deal can be a real profit centre for your business.

We want to help all of our customers become as profitable as possible, your success is our success. With over 20 years of experience we can advise you on how to get the most out of your coffee machine. We can also assist with marketing supplies and have a range of add-on sale products which your customers will find too good to resist. 0800 980 6009