, Free Review of Your Gas and Electricity Rates from The Bowden Group AllianceThe Bowden Group Alliance have, for a number of years, been providing professional impartial purchasing advice on a wide range of supplier areas including Gas and Electricity rates for independent and multiple operators within the Pub, Hotel and Restaurant industries.

 The Bowden Group Alliance are offering to undertake an Energy Audit of YOUR business  …  totally Free of Charge.

 To undertake a review we will need a copy of the most recent Gas and Electricity bills so that The Bowden Group Alliance can establish any existing contractual obligations and termination rules. If the agreement is due for renewal within the next 5 months, the Bowden Group Alliance will provide you with Renewal Rates with the best deals available to you from a wide array of business energy providers.

 If, following a review, you wish to proceed to making those savings, The Bowden Group Alliance can, with your written authority, manage the whole process for you  …  including submitting paperwork, sending termination notices to existing suppliers and confirming when the new contracts are live.  We will also diarise the next renewals  …  making sure that you never slip onto the very high ‘out of contract’ rates.
 This professional impartial advice is ‘Free of Charge’ to you from The Bowden Group Alliance!!!

All the relevant Utility Companies would pay us direct a very small commission …  but that is outside the rates you are offered. 

For more information contact Mike Crawshaw from The Bowden Group Alliance on 01628 487613.

Visit www.bowdengroup.co.uk