Free RSSL Seminar – Allergens: Protecting your Customers and your Business

Free RSSL Seminar for Food Operators Selling Food Loose and PPDS
Allergens: Protecting your Customers and your Business
Wednesday 2 October, Reading

Food allergies affect around two million people in the UK and hospital admissions for serious allergic reactions are on the rise. This represents a serious challenge, not only for those living with a condition, but also for businesses who need to supply these consumers with food that is safe.
Regulations and guidance around how to inform consumers about allergens have seen a number of changes in recent years, most recently the enactment of Natasha’s Law in parliament.

In this seminar we will be discussing the best approaches you can take to manage allergens effectively in your business and in how you provide information to your customers.

This event will provide you with a unique opportunity to network, discuss current issues and share ideas with fellow industry professionals and RSSL’s allergen experts.

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