FSA Chair Reaffirms Commitment To Highest Food Safety Standards After EU Exit

fsaFood Standards Agency (FSA) Chair Heather Hancock has reassured consumers that food safety standards will not be reduced after the UK leaves the EU.

During a board meeting earlier this week Ms Hancock reiterated the principles for EU Exit which they set 18 months ago. These were to:

  • ensure public health is protected as effectively as it is today
  • maintain public confidence in the regulatory regime, including protecting the FSA’s reputation for openness and independence
  • minimise disruption for consumers and industry
  • give consumers as unified a regulatory system as possible across the UK

The FSA Board confirmed the FSA has made the necessary preparations for maintaining protection for public health and consumers wider interests in food. Additionally, they said the regulatory regime, designed by the department for life outside the EU, will set the global standard for operating with openness and transparency.

Heather Hancock said:

‘Public trust in food is vital and transparency drives trust. After we leave the EU, the public will continue to know what decisions we are taking and what our recommendations are. They will see the science and evidence base and have confidence that the FSA will continue to put the consumer first, so that we all have safe food, and food we can trust.’

The Board confirmed that the FSA had delivered, a full and complete replacement regulatory regime for food and feed safety, and that the department is prepared for the immediate demands of EU Exit.