Game-Changing Tech Helps Hospitality Venues Navigate Data Minefield

Game-changing COVID-19 ‘track and trace’ technology has been launched for the food and drink industry.

Magenta Data’s Affixr solution takes
the pressure off licensees, hoteliers, restaurateurs and caterers burdened with data control responsibilities.

work with a simple click

Affixr uses technology in a new, cutting-edge solution with smart QR codes for easy-to-use and GDPR com- pliant data capture – without the need for an app or website.

Customers simply point their mobile phone’s camera to scan bespoke QR codes
which takes them to a screen
to easily and quickly leave

their contact details.

With a bespoke dashboard, Affixr also allow licensees and caterers to:

• Compliantly record data of all customers, not just the bill payer • Share menus – reducing the need for paper versions

• Let customers join a wi-fi network with a simple clock

• Collect feedback

• Set up guests lists and RSVPs

•Send thank you/invitation emails

Affixr allows data to be stored safe- ly, GDPR compliantly and securely yet be easily retrievable.

Its unique system eliminates the need for an app and no hardware, such as a tablet, or website is required although QR codes can be pointed towards existing websites if required.

Director Daniel Jain said:“This is game changing tech- nology which allows both cus-

tomers and licensees get to grips with the new regulations in the easiest way possible.”

Prices start at £9.99 with
our introduction plan absolute- ly free. Contact director
Daniel Jain at daniel.jain@, and 0208 996 5182. Or visit to get started today.