If you are wrestling with meeting calls to be more environmentally aware as a business, then it is worth understanding that a limitation on new gas grid connections for heating systems becomes effective this year. However, this mandate does not apply to already connected buildings. For the time being, if a hospitality business uses gas and is intending to refurbish premises then it can upgrade to new condensing gas-fired appliances until 2035 without fear of breaching new buildings regulations. This provides a safety net while assessing new low carbon technology options prior to the 2035 deadline.

Opting for a heat pump based all-electric hot water system is going to considerably reduce emissions, but comes with additional capital costs, despite the government’s boiler replacement scheme which is open to small businesses. For those ‘on gas’ it is well worth considering the implementation of solar thermal preheat for gas-fired systems if you wanted to make sustainability commitments with proven and genuinely renewable technology.

But with so many companies already using gas, and aware of the cost implications that come with system replacements, Adveco has developed two new ranges of direct-fired condensing water heaters – the AD and the ADplus for instantaneous demands. Both ranges provide a compact, floor-standing design that is easy to introduce into an existing plant room. High efficiency translates into 30% savings in fuel consumption, making it more cost-effective, while reducing emissions. Both AD and ADplus exhibit ultra-low NOX and CO emissions.

So long as there is an existing gas connection, the AD & ADplus can help bridge towards the next generation of more cost-effective sustainable technologies, such as hydrogen in the gas grid.