The Sausage Man has seen a huge spike in demand for German food and Drink in Q4 2021 – from both Retail and Commercial customers.

After a relatively quiet festive season in 2020, with Covid uncertainty leading to the cancelation of Christmas Markets all across the UK, hospitality businesses are bouncing back in 2021 and they’re bringing the Bratwurst with them!

Bratwurst and Currywurst stalls are what give your local Christmas Market that mouth-watering scent of sausage and caramelising onions.As important to building the yuletide atmosphere in your town as Christmas lights and carolling concerts, traditional German sausage is central at every winter festival and event.

German Sausage is so easy to store, heat and serve in absolute safety.Traders love to work with Sausage Man products because they’re almost all gluten free, excluding Vegan Seitan options, and often free of allergens completely.They’re great for creating a quick inclusive menu that truly appeals to all. It doesn’t hurt that German sausage practically sells itself this time of year too!

There’s nothing better to warm you up on a brisk winter’s eve than a tasty Bratwurst in a bun.With more focus on keeping safe and a drive to enjoy more outdoor winter events than ever before, German sausage could be the culinary solution you’ve been searching for this festive season.

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