When it comes to hearty foods roasted over an open flame, there is little—maybe even nothing—that can compete with the mighty sausage.Whether speared with a shaved branch or sizzling in a skillet over a barbecue fire, they are the meaty symbol of campfire cookouts and The Sausage Man is here to deliver a mouth-watering selection of the champions.

The fiery franks have been a staple of the hum- blest kind of alfresco din- ing, but that does not mean they are ever short on flavour or versatility. Take the intensely smoky Krakauer sausage, with its distinct orange-brown colour and mouth-water- ing bacon pieces. Not only is it reminiscent of all the wonderful smoky flavours associated with outdoor cooking, but it packs a juicy punch of flavour that’s easy to add to any campfire dish.

Of course, it’s perfectly delicious on its own, but chop it up and skewer it with a few chunky vegetables of your choice and you’ve got a delicious skewer or even a medley you can enjoy with rice. Quick, easy, delicious; you’ve got yourself a simple, delicious meal that’s perfect on a camping trip with friends or family—without skip- ping the quality of a real, authentic German sausage!

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