G&I Spirit Group are a group of mixologists and bar owners, all related with family ties.

We felt that when we were serving customers, some of the base spirits we were using left a bit to be desired.

We started to work over 3 years ago with our master distiller to produce a line to start with of 6 x SKU

All super premium with the direction being on avoiding the “Burn Sensation” which I as a consumer have always found to be unpleasant and a block to purchasing more drinks, be in a mixer, straight or in a cocktail scenario.

This in our view would and was having a negative effect on the sales revenue of venues serving this as a customer lead targeted area.

So after a lot of “tooing and froing” we had a development of lines which were now ready to be produced to our own requirement and idiosyncrasies.

All Super premium:
1 x 88 Vodka Masters Award Winning
1 x 88 Gin Gold Medal
1 x Jillions Gin

Mis Amigos Tequila:
Chocolate Gold Medal Winning
Chocolate and Lime Silver Medal Winning
Coffee Silver Medal Winning
Chocolate Cream Tequila and Strawberry Cream Tequila both @ 15%

We are looking to educate the bars and venues we work with, so that tequila is moving away from the unpleasant experience that most people associate with tequila.

Forget the Salt and Lime, drink a well-balanced tequila that has been distilled with passion and smoothness with authentic Mexican Flavours like Chocolate, Lime and Coffee to make a spirit drink/liqueur that can be drunk long and or over ice.

We are looking for our tequilas to be respected as is a good cognac or Whisky.

We are adding 3 new variants to our range in the early part of 2020

Café Latte Tequila
Mocha Tequila
Mocha Cream Tequila

Are we concentrating on the tequilas as our go to brand? No, we are actively working on Cognac,Whisky and a bourbon collection and have plans to increase our current range to 43/45 Sku in the next 3-5 years!

visit the website at www.gi-spiritgroup.co.uk