GLOBAL Knives & Michel Roux Jr Exclusive Offer for Chefs & Hospitality

Over the last year, we at Global Knives have been actively supporting the hospitality industry, whether it be through donations to Hospitality Action, support and equipment for professional chefs, or training for catering students. We’ve also been working with our long-term friend and renowned chef Michel Roux Jr, to come up with new ways to support chefs and students during such a difficult time.

Are you a chef, studying to become a chef, or work in hospitality? We’re providing you with an exclusive one-off discount on knife sets for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

The G-ROUX/3 3-Piece Knife Set includes the G-58 General Purpose Cook’s Knife with a 15cm blade, the GS-3 Small Cooks Knife with a 13cm blade and the GSF-46 Peeling/Paring Knife with an 8cm blade, and is priced at just £100.

The G-ROUX/6 6-Piece Knife Set includes the G-55 General Purpose Cook’s Knife with 18cm blade, the G-73 Carving Knife with 22cm fluted blade, the GS-5 Vegetable Knife with 14cm blade, the GS-38 Paring Knife with 9cm blade, the G-74 Ceramic Sharpening ‘Steel’ and the GS-20/B Fish Bone Tweezers. This set is available for £200.

The G-ROUX/9 9-Piece Knife Set includes the G-2 Cook’s Knife, G-65 Ham/Salmon Slicer, G-20 Filleting Knife, GS-3 Cook’s Knife, GS-5 Vegetable Chopper, GS-38 Paring Knife, GS-21 Palette Knife, G-74 Ceramic Sharpening ‘Steel’ and GS-29 Fish Bone Tweezers. You can buy it now for only £300!

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