, Go Traditional With A Decorative Cast Iron TableThere aren’t many pieces of furniture that add a sense of classic heritage to a room better than the cast iron table.

That’s not without saying that the table doesn’t come with other advantages too.

The decorative qualities of the intricate Victorian era design are what first come to mind but what becomes apparent when using cast iron tables is that they are extremely hard-wearing. The table’s longevity is legendary and many of the 19th century examples remain in use today, still as strong as the day they were assembled.

Trent Furniture’s process of casting iron has remained fundamentally unchanged from that of the 19th century. This means customers benefit from the visual attractiveness, detail and durability of those in years gone by.

The instantly recognisable cast iron design is one of the most popular traditional tables for a pub but is equally as effective in bars, restaurants and cafés. Trent Furniture provides a range of decorative cast iron tables with many based on classic Victorian era designs.

The cast iron table range starts from just £39.90 (exc VAT). View the full range as well as other traditional furniture pieces at www.trentfurniture.co.uk. Call 0116 2985 852 for more information.