The loss of EU free movement and flexible working work-life balance are among the leading causes behind the dramatic labour drain in hospitality industry.
Attracting and retaining Chefs is the Achilles Heel of running a hospitality business.

The ‘new normal’ job market has evolved to working from home, shorter hours and weekends off. Desk jobs and transport are attracting hospitality workers by the droves with higher pay and a better work-life balance.

Many EU-nationals who worked in the industry have either returned to their home countries, or have chosen other occupations after gaining UK settlement.

Much of UK’s hospitality industry to date has been shaped by migrant labour. It seems only those coming to UK for a better life have the motivation and willingness to work in demanding roles, and at reasonable salary levels.

The government has modified skilled worker immigration allowing employers greater scope to hiring foreign nationals.

Whilst the bar for EU nationals has raised it’s been lowered for non-EU nationals. This has made it unattractive for EU’s due to visa costs. However, it remains appealing to people from non-EU countries who have a different perspective of coming to work in the UK.

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