Good ‘Gluten Free’ Info is Good for Business

A new survey has found 25% of people on a gluten free diet were served foods containing gluten when eating out. The Food Standards Agency is backing a campaign by Coeliac UK launching 8 May 2017 to highlight what businesses can do to keep their customers safe – and increase loyalty.

Coeliac UK estimate British food businesses are missing out on £100m of gluten free business, and 90% of people on a gluten free diet ate out in the last month. Plenty of reasons to get gluten free right!

Download Coeliac UK’s new guidance for businesses, called ‘Catering gluten free: how to get it right’ from  or go to the Food Standards Agency website for more information at

You can find more info on the campaign here, including some videos with advice for front of house and tips for caterers – and this is the link to download their guidance for caterers.