Government Must Act To Secure Access To Jobs

Following the publication Migration Watch UK’s report on the rights of EU Nationals in the UK post-Brexit, the ALMR has reminded the Government that it must act decisively and clearly to safeguard vital hospitality jobs and support UK businesses.

The report calls for the introduction of a temporary work permit for non-UK workers with a suggested length of two years to allow businesses to plan ahead.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs rely on migrant employees, particularly those workers from the European Union who come to work in the UK. ALMR research shows that almost a quarter of the total hospitality and tourism workforce is comprised of non-UK workers, rising to nearly 40% for eating and drinking-out businesses, and almost half of those come from within the EU. This is a hugely significant part of a workforce that plays a hugely significant role in the UK’s economy.

“According to our research, over 1.3million people will need to be recruited into the tourism and hospitality sector between now and 2024 if we are to keep growing at the projected rate. Over a quarter of these vacancies will be hard-to-fill vacancies, making access to migrant labour all the more vital.

“The Government needs to ensure that arrangements for both employers and migrant employees are put in place well in advance of the eventual withdrawal date to ensure that businesses have some clarity and a chance to plan accordingly. A temporary permit for non-UK workers will provide some short-term stability for businesses, but we still need a long-term solution set out for businesses in order to plan and to safeguard investment and jobs.