Government Report Must Provide Swift Clarity

The ALMR has welcomed the Government’s plan to assess the economic contribution of EU migrants, but warned that clarity for businesses is overdue.

The Government is to commission the independent Migration Advisory Committee to carry out a detailed analysis of the economic and social contributions and costs of EU citizens in Britain.

The report is the first major investigation into migration from the EU and will inform the Government’s new immigration system.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “A detailed investigation into the benefits of migration and the various differing needs of regions and sectors is a positive step from the Government.

“It is absolutely vital that we have in place a system that is not burdensome, costly or overly bureaucratic and provides employers with access to employees. A report that understands and appreciates the value of, and need for, migrant workers should be a benefit.

“It would, however, have been useful if the Government had set about this task immediately after the referendum. Extra time for the Government to assess overall picture and for businesses to plan would have provided much-needed certainty and clarity.

“The ALMR has been highlighting this issue for a year and pressing the Government for a proper examination of this issue since the referendum. We will continue to do so, to ensure that no burdensome requirements are made of eating and drinking out businesses during the short period between the report’s publication and Brexit.”