Ground-Breaking New Technology Helping Stop The Spread Of Coronaviruses

Ground-breaking new technology helping stop the spread of Coronaviruses whilst protecting staff and customers with continual airborne sanitisation.

The COVID-19 pandemic raises particular challenges for the hospitality industry. With no end in sight and millions of pounds being spent every day on cleaning and sanitisation methods that are costly and labour intensive. SOH Group has a revolutionary new product ‘SOH Pure’ that is already helping thousands of people and businesses by continuously sanitising their premises.

The SOH Pure systems work in a similar way to that of a fogger but is an ‘always on’ solution that continually sanitises an area of up to 80m2.Achieved by cold air diffusion technology liquid is turned into a vapour the is lighter than air.This vapour cleans and sanitises the air whilst airborne and then sanitises all surfaces when it falls creating a unique dual action air and surface approach.

Using SOH Pure system will help reduce the amount of time that is required clean- ing and will help continually sanitise kitchens, restaurant & high traffic areas, such as staff gathering hot spots, building entrances and more.

Let us help you re-open safely providing a continuously santised environment for that extra piece of mind!

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