Hackney Levy ‘Disastrous For Area’

The ALMR has warned that Hackney Borough Council’s decision to introduce a late-night levy is likely to have a disastrous effect on the area’s bars, nightclubs and pubs.

Hackney Borough Council voted last night in favour of a levy that will be introduced on 1 November.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This is an extremely retrograde action by the Council, one that will heap costs on vital businesses in the area and is likely to have a disastrous effect for employers who provide so much.

“Clubs, bars and other late-night venues in Hackney contribute enormously socially and economically, and help make Hackney the vibrant and attractive place it is. Heaping costs on them is only going to risk driving them out of business. Dance Tunnel, a much-loved venue in the area, was forced to close its doors recently due to spiralling costs and a tough legislative environment. This move by the Council only risks closure of even more venues.

“This is particularly disappointing given the recent common sense shown by Gloucester Council in its decision not to introduce a late-night levy and the House of Lords Licensing Committee’s recommendation that the levy be scrapped. Hackney Council is risking investment and employment in the area and the erosion of the vibrant night-time economy.”