Occupational dermatitis has been steadily on the rise in the UK for the past few years, with cooks and chefs being the third highest occupation that is at risk (HSE).

Frequent use of hand sanitising gels, which contain alcohol, will only exacerbate the problem, as alcohol destroys the natural oils that protect our skin.There is an army of lawyers out there eager to represent victims’ claims against their employer.

What can you do to help avoid this problem? Firstly ensure that a member of the management team is trained to spot the hazards that cause different kinds of dermatitis in the workplace and build it into your health & Safety policy, and then you are not at fault for ignoring the dangers.

Secondly, you can replace alcohol- based sanitising gels with alcohol-free alternatives.They are kinder to your skin, and in many cases provide longer lasting protection than alcohol-based gel. Physicool supplies eXtreme- Protect organic hand sanitising balm, containing a natural biocide that kills 99.999% of germs, fungi and viruses. This can be supplied in 100ml bottles, or in bulk to fill hand pump dispenser stations.

Both new products are available at www.physicool.co.uk, and selected stockists. Or by calling 020 7101 1977 to speak to the sales team.