Drynks Unlimited produces Smashed which is Britain’s only 0% beer, lager and cider range.

The summer BBQ season is the perfect time for hospitality venues to offer alcohol free drinks to customers. Our triple gold award-winning duo of 0% British ciders – Apple and Berry – offer refreshment and a quality experience that tastes just as good as an alcoholic cider. They have no added sugar so are much more drinkable than sweeter alcoholic alternatives.

Our Smashed range of 0% beers, lagers and ciders can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and perfect for summer drynking.

We’ve had great customer feedback on our Smashed drinks at summer events as they offer a thirst quenching delicious alternative to booze.

The hospitality sector is still playing catch on offering ranges of alcohol free drinks which appeal to consumers who want to flex their drinking. Our insight shows that consumers want to be able to flex their drinking so offering a choice of drinks options makes good business sense.

Our ambition was always to create a range of 0% beer, lagers and ciders which catered for everyone, whatever their tipple of choice.

We use real beer, cider & lager as their base (5.2% ABV) to offer a genuine alternative allowing consumers to enjoy the “taste belief” that you are drinking the real thing.

Alcohol free drinks are a positive purchase showing that you can have fun without drinking alcohol. This step-change in messaging is vital if we are to grow the total market in the UK in the long term.

For further information visit www.smasheddrynks.com