Haviland presents Portofino, a dinner set that masterfully combines Italian taste and French know- how. For this edition, the porcelain Manufacture offers a new take on mosaic, drawing inspiration from the colours of Portofino, a stunning village known for its golden reflections and shades of blue. Since the Middle Ages, mosaics have been used to adorn the most beautiful houses, and have over time become a staple of Italian heritage.

The Haviland Manufacture unveils a collection rich with Mediterranean influences and a prestigious decor made of more than 20 different mosaics.

Each square is embossed and illuminated by beautiful reflections that reveal the finest details of exceptional craftsmanship.

With this collection, Haviland highlights the richness of Mediterranean know-how and bears witness to a profound heritage of international influences.

Through a succession of ever more refined decorations, the serving plate sets the tone for the whole dinner set, creating flawless harmony between the various mosaic motifs.

Portofino also features two versions of the gastronomy plate to choose from or combine according to one’s desires, and a dessert plate that highlights the whole set. The collection features distinguishing characteristics, including elegant and finely assembled decors.

Every piece showcases a perfect harmony of mosaics, transforming each item into remarkable and unique jewels.

Modernity, authenticity and a skilful blend of crafts- manship are the essence of this Limoges porcelain dinner set.

With Portofino and its elegantly embossed decora hallmark of the Manufacture for nearly 180 years – the Haviland Manufacture takes you on a marvellous journey to the heart of the Mediterranean.